Modern Dadhood | Unpacking Fatherhood + Parenting for Dads (and Moms!)

Adam Flaherty and Marc Checket are two dads from suburban New England. And while they might think they’re pretty funny and cool, the world clearly does NOT need another white dude ramble-cast.

That’s why Modern Dadhood explores what it really means to be a "dad" in 2024 through candid, authentic, and often hilarious conversations with diverse dads of all walks of life… including famous dads, NOT famous dads, dads-to-be, step dads, grand dads, trans dads, and more.

By celebrating present, engaged parenting and commiserating over common fatherhood challenges, listeners will gain new perspectives and feel empowered to become more present and mindful fathers, raising the next generation of kick-ass, world changing kids.

Expect a mix of humor, heart, and 90s nostalgia in each episode.

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